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Cristina Stewart, the woman behind "Mariposas" was rooted in Charleston SC, sprouted in NY, & has grown into the Nashville scene. Cristina brings 30 years of experience and commitment to your special events and weddings.

Mariposas will come along side of all the preparations to make your catered event or wedding an unforgettable one. From chic social events, private in-home dinners and corporate meetings to weddings and fashionable soirees, Cristina and her team are enthusiastic and devoted to producing bold and brilliant events that are flawlessly executed and always original. “Mariposas Catering” sets the standard for exceptional production of sensational events, infusing this community with a fresh culinary vision. With action stations and eye-catching culinary creations, Mariposas adds a dash of fun and a profusion of style.  Miss Stewart is passionate & takes pride in offering generous hospitality, world-class cuisine and highly personalized service to every client.